The origin of Álvaro Lopes e Filhos Carpentry dates back to the 50s, a time when the firsttransformations of wood took place and the craft of the craftsman was immediately valued. In the 1980s, the second generation assumed the command of carpentry, showing solid management and astrong commitment to the quality of the products developed. The years went by and in the 90’s, the know-how was giving hands to creativity in a perfect combination of tradition and contemporaneity. With the investment in new equipment needed to provide more efficientresponses in an expanding market, our team continued to focus on details,customization and constant monitoring of the entire project. A bet that, in 2020, would assume a more defined position and that translates into the acquisition of moreequipment, the optimization of processes, the development of human capital and the renewal of the image.

Today we are a company that operates nationally and internationally, focused on the aspirations of our clients. With aproduction capacity directed towards different projects, we have specialized staff capable of creating memorable environments.


Transversalidade– Mastering several skillsallows us to develop projects thatcover various areas of expertise and provide a more assertiveresponse.

Creativity – Based on an activity of years, creativity allows us to produce pieces and build exclusive spaces, creating unique and unforgettableprojects.

Rigor / Exclusivity – We excel in detail, the attention to detail that stands out toachieve the most perfect finish.

Ambition / innovation – We are committed to developing skills and processes that enable us to respond to market demands.