Our professionals are specialized in various areas, awarding them with skills that allow them to develop, execute and coordinate projects for housing, public spaces or offices.

The solutions developed are the result of the constant work of the company’s sustainability policy and the improvement of techniques that combine years of knowledge with the latest technologies.

With our own installations and equipment, from the edging to the CNC, we ensure the production of furniture and timely delivery on site. Whatever the space (indoor/outdoor) of the property, and the function it willperform, whether it is furniture for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, among others

We are in the market to create alliances, and work collaboratively with everyone, which is why we also provide our equipment as a service to our partners, where they will be able to see the technical and functional needs for their work met.

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Project Analysis and Evaluation

We work in collaboration with our clients exploring the best possible solutions for materials, functions, and comfort for each project.

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Civil Carpentry

With over six decades working with wood and creating furniture allows us to characterize Álvaro Lopes & Filhos as a solid investment in the area of ​​products for civil construction. Our carpentry is prepared with modern processes and equipment to build all types of products: floors, doors, furniture, facades, window frames.

We are committed to providing a turnkey service, meeting deadlines and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Attention to detail, rigor, and creativity guide the projects developed within our work. We develop the furniture, with details carefully defined by our clients and executed by specialists in this art where know-how is the slogan.

We recognize the distinction with what the ideal furniture can bring to a space and it is with this conviction that we create exclusive pieces.

Furniture Prototyping

Whenever required, there are pieces that, due to their details and even innovation, require in-depth studies for a detailed construction. Our artisans, together with the architect or designer, explore the idea and develop the prototype with artisanal production techniques before using the noble raw materials, in order to minimize risks and an exemplary delivery.

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Installation and Assembly

It is also one of the areas in which we offer excellent services. Both in Portugal and abroad, transportation is carried out using its own means by a specialized team, ensuring that the final result complies with the project’s specifications.